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Since a long time ago, IQ has been considered to be a topic that many scientists have been spending their entire life to study. Until the early years of the 20th century in Europe, it was the first time in human history the first Intelligence Quotient tests were launched to test and assess quick IQ Test score – an intelligence score of each human being.

What is IQ Test?

IQ Test stands for the "lntelligence Quotient Test" phrase meaning intelligence score. Initially, the tests were only used in psychology, later it has become extremely popular in the 1950s. It can be said that everyone takes the test, they do it anytime and anywhere. Wherever people go, they could always see IQ quizzes.

Assess Intelligence Score by Free IQ Test

Throughout the history of years of development, until now Intelligence Quotient test has probably been too familiar with people. The bias points in the tests have also been remarkably improved. The tests include 3 levels of standard deviation which are 15, 16, 26 being used in a number of IQ research institutes and famous universities in the world. The standard deviation of High IQ Society’s tests is 15.

The High IQ Society’s online IQ Test includes 26 questions, you have to complete within 24 minutes, when time is up, unfinished questions will be counted as wrong. Therefore, reasonable time division is necessary. The distribution of the tests will be from easy to difficult and ultimately very difficult.

You should only test IQ when you feel mentally sharp to get the most accurate result.

These are what you need to know about online IQ Test, why hesitate any longer, let’s find out if you belong to the group of ordinary people or geniuses by taking the test! Test IQ

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